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Stenco, apart from having modular equipment for water treatment up to 50m3 / h in dosing systems, measuring and control equipment, filters, disqualifiers, etc. It also has the technological capacity to carry out Engineering Projects related to the collection, purification, process, purification and reuse of water throughout its entire cycle.


This application means a decisive change in the Technical Assistance Model that we can provide to our Clients. Through a fully customizable and configurable controller of the Client we are in a position to obtain continuous information on the evolution of the systems, without depending on the specific data that is taken in the visits of Technical Assistance. On the other hand, it is possible to interact remotely with the automaton and resolve incidents or change set points of adjustment.


Through a communication module through the website, it is possible to receive alarms for situations in which the control variables of the systems are outside the specified safety limits. This allows the proactive management of the facilities, avoiding situations of prolonged risk that lead to serious problems in the short and medium term. Stenco contemplates different alarm management protocols, depending on the implication that is defined with the Client.


We have multiple tools in order to measure the critical control variables and the Efficiency Indicators that are part of the commitments of our Management Programs: Corrosion Witnesses, Temperature Meters with Data Logger, Residual Biocide Analyzers, Probes Conductivity, pH and Free Chlorine, Automatic Hardness Analyzers, etc.



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