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Reverse osmosis plant expandable for the food industry



Reverse osmosis plant expandable for the food industry

Stenco designed, built and commissioned a reverse osmosis plant in two phases to produce 140 m3 / day, for a food industry adapting to the investment and productive needs of the client. The client was supplied with well water that did not comply with some parameters of the RD140 / 2003 for the production water and had a high salinity, which had a high cost due to the high purges of the steam boiler. However, due to investment priorities of the company, it could not purchase the Plant in the same year. Therefore, the plant was designed so that the pumping part, the membranes and the hydraulic connections could be expanded in a second stage. In two years it had the Reverse Osmosis Plant fully in operation, with good quality for production and adequate to feed the boiler, obtaining a significant saving in fuel consumption and water network, having a return on investment made only in 1.5 years

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